Philotas Kyriakidis

I’ve known Nikolaos since quite some time through a mutual acquaintance, but never, until recently, had the pleasure of experiencing his extensive expertise at play. His easy-going nature, coupled with a detail-oriented attention to the issue at hand, helps sway any fear or uneasiness a complex legal matter will certainly elicit down the road. No matter. He relentlessly examines every angle however esoteric, methodically explores every nook and cranny of potential ramifications, to the point where all ambiguities are exposed and eradicated. Did I mention that hard work unfettered from chronological constraints is second nature to him? You’ll be amazed.

It is no surprise then that this wonderful syzygy of a solid legal arsenal and casual strength Nikolaos demonstrates, cemented the foundations of a long-lasting professional relationship.

Philotas Kyriakidis
Business Development Manager
April 29, 2014, Philotas was with another company when working with Nikolaos at Law Firm Siamakis & Partners

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