The inversion of social state in E.U.

The inversion of social state in E.U.

Last month we observe the progressive suppression of social state and the consolidation of more capital model of operation in countries of EU.(Greece, Spain, G. Britain.)

In Greece, for example, the official state with the new law for actuarial and under the pressure of IMF guarantees from now a minimum limit of basic pension, while it decreases rates of substitution of pensions that will be given depending on per year insurance.

Moreover, the official state decreases the minimum wage and it increases the factors of indirect taxation at 5%, the specials consumption tax at 20% in fuels, drinks and cigarettes, so that is observed absence of fluidity from the market and reduction of turnover of enterprises.

Finally, the imposition of indirect taxes in the benefit of legal services seated the resort in the justice prohibitory since the cost of appeal is increased at 23%.

Question: The inversion of social state (Greece, Spain, M. Britain) in the EU will lead to the cleansing of economies of particular states?


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