Minimal wage and Greek Lawyers

The question of suppression of minimal wage finds the Greek community of lawyers opposite with the drawing of law. Is justified the reaction of Greek Bar’s Associations?

In public consultation places the Greek government the drawing of law on the release of services afterwards the completion of his processes of training and his acceptance from the European Committee the passed week. The release of services will also lead to the release of professions and to the suppression of administratively determined minimal wage for the notaries and the lawyers. The drawing of law, which will be imported for voting in summery department of Parliament, adopts the Directive 2006/123, the application of that will reversely involve inversions in the benefit of services and in the installation of professionals from other of countries members of EU in Greece and reversed. It forecasts the creation of United Centres of Service in big cities of Greece in which one Belgian, or Bulgarian will ask and will be supplied the all essential supporting documents in order to it practises in Greece his profession.

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